There’s Monsoon Activity in the Valley!

Aug 18, 2020 | Waterproofing, Weatherization, Window Sealant | 0 comments

Last night’s monsoon activity reinforces the importance of window sealant.

Up to 60 mph winds were gusting, and the rain was pounding in the valley last night. Thick clouds of dust limited visibility to beneath one mile in many areas (National Weather Service).

Phoenicians woke up to downed trees, debris, and even water intrusion.

Sealing your windows prevents water from intruding. You’ll also reduce energy-wasting drafts, which is excellent news for both your wallet and the environment.

Why Window Sealant?

Windows, along with other openings, are part of your building envelope. These openings may allow for the transfer of air, light, heat, dust, and water. The key to prevent problems is to make sure they are sealed.

There are plenty of options for doing just that.

Having a professional sealant contractor install sealant around your home or office windows provides a barrier against air leaks and water intrusion. The sealant also serves the purpose of blocking the transmission of dust, noise, and heat. 

Window sealant can potentially save you money, improve comfort, and protect valuables.

Arizona’s Leading Sealant Contractor

Royalty Sealants is Arizona’s leading sealant contractor. Our team of expertly trained and experienced professionals specializes in the installation of caulking, sealing, and joint systems.

The highest quality, most durable window sealant, is used to prevent a myriad of water intrusion and deterioration problems. Our services are essential for ensuring your home or office is protected, especially when there is monsoon activity in the valley.

There are various types of sealants, and it’s crucial to understand the differences. They can be weak or strong, flexible, or rigid based on the project requirements. Some sealant types are silicone, acoustical, and joint fillers.

The best material is determined after visualizing your property’s windows and other openings. Schedule an appointment at (623) 915-5624 today.

“Why Seal and Insulate.” ENERGY STAR.

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